Old Picture Restore – Bring Your Photos Back to Life Restoration Services

Old Picture Restore – Bring Your Photos Back to LifeOld Picture Restore – Bring Your Photos Back to Life Restoration Services

Getting an old picture restored brings it back to life. In most cases, having restoration services done brings it back to ‘better than original’ quality.  Do you have yellowed, faded, aged and worn pictures that you don’t want to lose?  The sooner you have picture restoration services done, the better the final results.

This is especially true if you only have one original of that picture.  Having it restored provides backup copies to safeguard against loss or damage.  These are irreplaceable.  Pictures can also get beyond the ability to have them repaired and restored successfully.

My name is Valerie Garner, a Washington-based woman who specializes in restoring old pictures. I serve clients from different parts of the world. As an expert who works from home, I’m passionate about the restoration of people’s favorite old pictures and photographs. For me, it’s a art form.  I take great care working with each old picture. Every photo holds a special story.  I get joy when I see the reaction of my clients’ to their newly restored pictures.  I’ve seen some even cry at the first sight.

I feel honored anytime people entrust their old pictures to my care.  Typically restoration includes fixing yellowing,  aging, worn, fading effects of the pictures. Other repairs are usually made as well, including the removal of odd coloring, improving lighting, sharpening. I guarantee my work.  Often times I will also suggest artistic ideas to improve the overall quality, depending on what the picture is, and your desired outcome. If you have ideas of what you would like to see happen, I’d love to hear them.Old picture restore banner

It is important to note, that there is no physical shipment of pictures, as I work digitally.  There are many advantages to this.  First, if you have originals, you don’t want to send them through a delivery service.  It’s just too risky that shipments could be lost or damaged.  They are irreplaceable.

Secondly, working this way ensures your originals are never altered. I work on digital files, so it allows me to serve clients worldwide.  It also establishes copies for clients, thus bringing another level of protection to their old pictures against loss.

Lastly, you’ll order the restored digital copy of your picture (which I’ll provide you), from a professional lab to print your physical copies .  They will ship these to your home.  You can use your favorite lab, and I can suggest a few good ones for you as well. Their professional printing services will deliver superb results for  your restored picture.  Specifics of how to order with me are here..

Restored old pictures make meaningful gifts for all types of occasions and holidays. This is especially true when trying to buy for a person who ‘has everything’ and is difficult to shop for.   The pictures might be baby or childhood photographs, wedding pictures, anniversaries, classroom photos, old homesteads, military photos, pets, vintage and antique pictures of family ancestors, a favored vacation, or other memories.

The basic cost for an average photo restoration service is $35.00. If there is more extensive damage, it could be higher, due to the deeper time and skill it takes to repair.  Contact me now for a fast quote with no obligation to order, consider it information gathering. I look forward to hearing from you.  Visit How to Get An Old Picture Restore Project Going.

Valerie Garner



What clients are saying

“I ‘m amazed at the unique service and care that Valerie provided, her recommendations to enhance the pictures were exactly what I needed and the work was faster than I expected. I will use her service in the future and highly recommend.
– Deanna M ”


“I recently inquired about getting an old childhood photo restored and enhanced by Valerie as a gift to my parents for my upcoming wedding. Valerie was very fast with a response and quote for my request. Upon agreement to continue with the project, she gave me feedback on recommendations for touch ups to the photo and delivered a completed project by next day. I am thoroughly satisfied with photo and cannot wait for my parents  to see it! Thanks Valerie.”
-Andre L.