How to Get An Old Picture Restore Project Going

How to Get An Old Picture Restore Project Going

Getting an old picture restored is a simple process that will yield beautiful results. My photo restoration services is like an art form to me.  I value your trust to restore old pictures or photos.

If you haven’t first read my main page, you might want to begin there first, then come back here.  This also makes great gifts for all occasions.

I do need to see a copy of your picture in order to give an accurate quote.  This is no way obligates you to hire me.  Consider it the information gathering stage.  I also need to know your input of what you would like.  There are just too many variables involved.

I want to make sure pricing is fair, and you are satisfied with the results.  For a basic restoration job, most pictures will run $35.00.  I do guarantee my work.  For more extensive damage, I’ll give you a quote on the price it would cost.  I will also give you the time to expect delivery of your restored picture. My turnaround time is usually quite fast. You would then either decide to go ahead and hire me, or not.

If you decide to hire me, an invoice will be sent to you for payment through PayPal. Paypal is the only means of payment for this service at this point, and you can pay with a credit card via Paypal. If you truly need to use another payment resource, we can discuss to see if it can work out.  I will start work on your project once payment is received.

When work is complete, I send you via email a large file format of 300 dpi of your restored picture.  You would then have a professional lab of your choice (and I can recommend some good ones to you) do the physical printing of the pictures for you.  You would upload the restored file I provide to you, choose the size and quantities you want, and have them shipped to your home.  I do not provide physical copies.  If you need assistance with this process, I’m happy to help.

 To Start the Process of Getting an Old Picture Restored

Please send me a copy of your picture for a quote (most will be right around $35 USD) to my email address at:  vrg722 at (please use regular email format when sending).  Please also let me know your goals in getting your old picture restored.

If you decide to hire me after we discuss, I will need your image scanned at 300 dpi and emailed to me. This will be the actual file I restore.  Many home scanner are capable of scanning at this level.  If you picture is framed, very carefully try to remove it from the frame before scanning.  If it at all seems stuck to the glass, clean the glass carefully, and scan your picture within the glass.

If you don’t have access to this at home, you could have your picture scanned at an office supply store like Office Depot, Kinko’s or similar store.  Have them scan it to 300 dpi and put it onto your USB / flash drive that you bring.  You would then email me that copy as an attachment to my email address vrg722 at (normal email format).

If you don’t know about or have flash drives and sending email attachments, you could also hire the office supply store to send it to me.  Usually these services are pretty cheap.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Send me a scan of your old picture that needs photo restoration services and let’s talk!

Valerie Garner



What clients are saying

“I ‘m amazed at the unique service and care that Valerie provided, her recommendations to enhance the pictures were exactly what I needed and the work was faster than I expected. I will use her service in the future and highly recommend.
– Deanna M ”


“I recently inquired about getting an old childhood photo restored and enhanced by Valerie as a gift to my parents for my upcoming wedding. Valerie was very fast with a response and quote for my request. Upon agreement to continue with the project, she gave me feedback on recommendations for touch ups to the photo and delivered a completed project by next day. I am thoroughly satisfied with photo and cannot wait for my parents  to see it! Thanks Valerie.”
-Andre L.